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"My name is Harley Panagopoulos; I am an Infantryman serving in Australian Army.

While we were at the range one of my colleges was firing his machine gun, and a ricochet occurred, the stray bullet hit the bonnet of the vehicle I was sitting in, the round then went through the front windscreen hitting me on the left lens. The end result being was a good scratch to the lens and that your glasses did a their job and saved my left eye indemnity.

I would like to thank you very much for your product doing their job, and I will be definitely wearing my Wiley X Goggles during future operations.
I recommend them to anyone..

H. Panagopoulos
2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Townsville QLD "

Harley Panagopoulos , 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
Townsville QLD

"I am currently on Iraq and 2 days ago I got hit by an IED (OP: Improvised Explosive Device) and I have shrapnel all over my face, but nothing happen to my eyes because I was wearing Wiley X, thank you for your high quality product.

HSB 2-82 FA 1CD
APO AE 09348"

APO AE 09348

"m in iraq and im a u.s marine. i got hit with a s.v.b.i.e.d(suicide vehical born improvised expslosive device.) it was thirteen 155 artilery rounds and 10 to 12 morders(250 puonds of raw explosives.) i was the gunner on the lead vehical. 20 feet from the bomb . im getting to is the the goggles work they saved my left eye. thanks wiley x. i think all military should wears these goggles they work on extrem shit! here is some kick ass photos of me and you will see how they saved my eye.


from pfc burnside"

Anonymous , u.s marine
pfc burnside

"I After having Lasic surgery earlier this year I found that I was using eye drops often, as my eyes would dry out. I enjoy riding both motorcycles and mountain bikes and dry eyes was a nuisance. At the recent World Mountain Bike Titles at Stromlo, I purchased a pair of Wiley-X Jake glasses, I spent 3 more days at Sromlo watching the races and found that I did not need to re-apply eye drops, the transitional lens are great when going into shade as they conform to the light these are the best sun glasses that I have owned for biking either with or without a motor, I would highly recommend these to anyone.

N Cook"

N Cook

"I would just like to give you a bit of feedback on the Jake sunglasses, which I have been wearing for the past 12 months. As a motorcycle instructor I am exposed to all types of weather and riding conditions, I like the versatility and durability of these glasses. Over the years I have worn many different types but haven’t found any that are so comfortable and yet so suitable for motorcycling. The great advantage I find with these glasses, not only do I use them on the motorcycle but they are the only sunglasses I need for all outdoor activities.

Wayne Clarke
Manager Instructor Development
Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques"

Wayne Clarke , Manager Instructor Development , Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques

"I just thought I'd get in touch and say thanks, some months ago I purchased both the WileyX SG-1s and a set of Lunar Blue lenses. I've been using them for riding glasses and 2 days ago it paid off, I hit a pothole and came off the bike (no real idea of the details, apparently amnesia is not uncommon in serious concussions), but my Bike helmet was cracked through on the right side and the right lens of my glasses is massively gouged and slightly pushed back in the gasket - but it held and protected my eye, so it was worth every cent.

I've got a beaut shiner, some nasty scrapes, a bit of a headache and about 4 hours of my life are missing but all in all no real harm done. Again thanks, if you want the damaged lenses back for promotional purposes or anything, just say so.

Kev Metcalfe"

Kev Metcalfe